Revo Wipes

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Price: 33.95$
  • Quantity: Box of 50 individual wipes
  • Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, mint and water
  • Uses: Clean and restore Predator REVO carbon fiber pool cue shafts
  • Warranty: None – one use per wipe


Predator REVO shafts are constructed different than wood shafts and therefore need to be cleaned with non-abrasive methods. Most shaft cleaners on the market are full of special chemicals and compounds to lock onto dirt and remove it from wood and are designed for wood shafts. Predator’s carbon fiber composite REVO shafts require special cleaning and Predator has specially designed wipes for those REVO shafts to keep them clean and smooth. Individually packaged, each REVO wipe is created with Isopropyl alcohol, with some mint (for a nice clean smell!) and water, allowing you to gently lock onto dirt and grim and remove it from the shaft without destroying layers of the carbon fiber. Good for one use only, each package is all you need to get that REVO shaft back to pristine status. This is a box of 50 individual wipes.

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